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BCM is part of Fareva, one of the world's leading subcontractors in the Industrial and Household, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals fields.

With over 80 years experience of manufacturing pharma and beauty products, BCM employs around 800 people and produces products that are sold around the world from their MHRA and FDA approved factory in Nottingham in the UK.

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BCM and Sage X3 MRP

BCM operates out of the famous D10 building and manufactures consumer pharma and beauty products for many famous brands, as well as special prescription medicines through BCM Specials.

BCM successfully implemented Sage X3 in 2020.

Previous MRP system
BCM needed to streamline their supply chain processes. Their legacy supply chain management tool was becoming problematic, was seen as unreliable by the team and was expensive to maintain. The rest of the business were  already using Sage X3 to manage their processes, moving the supply chain processes into Sage X3 Material Requirements Planning (MRP) was the next logical step to take.

Gokhan Becerikli – Head of Supply Chain at BCM:  “The team had lost confidence in the existing system; this was leading to a lot of manual work. We wanted to streamline the supply chain process with Sage X3 MRP and to reduce the number of manual processes required. Using Sage X3 MRP would allow the ERP to become the single source of truth across the business, allowing the management to make quicker decisions when planning for the ever-changing supply chain landscape.”

Sage X3 MRP Project Remit

  • To make the user experience as streamlined and simple as possible.


  • The Sage X3 MRP system to suggest required Purchase Orders to ensure raw materials and components were available as the production plan requires, respecting product minimum order quantities, re-ordering policies and lead times.


  • Supplier Forecasts to be generated and automatically e-mailed to Suppliers.


  • Electronic Purchase Order approval management allowing for multiple approvers based on order value thresholds.


  • The need for the system to advise what Purchase Orders needed to be expedited or delayed due a change in production plan and automatically notify the Supplier of these changes.


  • Due to the volume of Purchase Orders being raised it was important to electronically transmit approved orders to Suppliers automatically as soon as they were approved.

BCM Factory

Project Implementation

Having worked closely with the Vallestra team on the Sage X3 implementation, the BCM team were confident that Vallestra would deliver a successful Sage X3 MRP implementation for the business. Vallestra did a ‘deep dive’ into the Supply Chain processes at BCM before recommending best practise processes and configuring and deploying MRP functionality within Sage X3.

The Vallestra Consultants worked closely with the key users to design a suite of internal and supplier facing

                                                                                           reports to support the new business processes and automate the information flow between BCM and their Supplier network.


The Vallestra team made some ‘light touch’ specific developments which took the out of the box functionality to another level to ensure an efficient and streamlined user experience.

Project Success

The Supply Chain Manager and Key users at BCM worked closely with Vallestra’s consultants and Project Manager forming a strong project team.

A structured project plan was followed, and project progress reviewed by a steering group on a regular basis. This collaborative approach ensured the project was delivered on time and on budget.

Dedication and commitment on both sides ensured the transition to Sage X3 MRP was seamless, and Purchase Orders were raised based on accurate MRP suggestions from day one.

The Return on Investment BCM will achieve over 5 years after implementing Sage X3 MRP is a staggering 500%.

Gokhan Becerikli – Head of Supply Chain at BCM:  “The Vallestra team really delivered a great solution for us, we have achieved our objective and now have single source of truth for the business. Vallestra really took the time to understand our business and processes which made the transition to Sage X3 MRP incredibly smooth. Vallestra continue to support the business with their knowledge and expertise.”

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