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Sage X3 Rebates

A fully integrated Sage X3 Rebates module

A Rebates module designed by us, specifically for Sage X3,  allowing  customer rebates to be managed and processed automatically.

The solution is developed in the Sage X3 platform and integrates seamlessly with the rest of the system.

The Sage X3 Rebates module helps businesses  streamline the complex Rebate process leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.


Core Features include:

  • Track Rebate items for products sold

  • Easily estimate new Rebate Contracts based on past sales

  • Automatically calculate Rebates owed to customers

  • Automatically generate credit notes for rebates owed

  • A detailed Audit Trail

  • Detailed Rebates reports

  • Manage the following Rebate calculation Types:

    • Retrospective

    • Ensured / Guaranteed

    • Fixed

    • Variable

Key Benefits include:

  • Increases productivity in the Finance Department

  • Improve Customer relationships by issuing rebate credit notes on time each month

  • Easily assess the impact of rebates on the company’s bottom line

  • Manage rebate contracts for customers based on the sale of goods

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Sage X3 Rebates
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