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Sage X3
Production Management

Sage X3 Production Manufacturing

Respond faster to changing customer demands, fluctuations in procurement, manufacturing, production management and shipments. Perfect for discrete and process manufacturers.

Gain control over work order details, optimize production processes and get deep insight into production costs.

Ensure quality  standards are always met, to gain the loyalty of your customers and comply with industry regulations.

Sage X3
BOM Management

Sage X3 delivers robust single and multi-level Bill of Materials management to ensure the highest levels of product consistency, quality, and collaboration.

  • Multi-level BOMs -List the raw materials,  components, subassemblies and intermediates required to manufacture a product. 

  • Formula and Recipe Management.

  • Usage controlled by validity dates and production quantities – by unit, lot-for-lot, 100- or 1,000-unit batches, or fixed quantities.

  • Associate work and cost centers with machine and labor cost dimensions, resources, and factory calendars.

  • Multiple BOMs per item with the ability to link routine operations with each BOM.

  • Use Version Management to track changes to BOMs throughout the life cycle of the product and maintain a full audit trail of the changes.


  • Phantom BOM's used to define a sub-assembly that can be re-used on multiple BOMs.

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Sage X3
Quality Control

Sage X3 provides the tools and workflow capabilities needed to maintain and retain the highest quality standard, including proactive monitoring through complete product traceability.

  • Manage Batch / Lot numbers including

    • Expiry Date Management

    • Re-Inspection Date Management

    • Use By Date Management

  • Upstream and downstream traceability management

  • Manage Stock Statuses: Accepted, Under Quality Control and Rejected

  • Conduct inspections throughout the production process. Automatically quarantine suspicious or substandard items for further inspection or disposal

  • QC testing and analysis control covering:

    • Raw materials and Components

    • Intermediates

    • Finished goods

  • All test results are recorded and maintained together with production history

Sage X3
Planning and Scheduling

Sage X3 empowers you to take full control of the production process by providing sophisticated planning tools, ensuring you maximise  production efficiency.

  • Analyse Purchase Orders against scheduled and in-progress work orders. Assess demand against available inventory.

  • Drag-and-drop producion scheduling of work orders operations and automatic optimisation of the production plan using heuristic algorithm's.

  • Create feasible and optimized production plans

  • React quickly to disruptive events by identifying and removing production bottlenecks and identifying missing materials and components

  • Comprehensive MRP and MPS module that create suggestions to create new orders and expedite and delay orders if the production plan needs to change.

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Sage X3
Shopfloor Data Capture

Sage X3 gives you the tools to prioritise, track, and manage all aspects of your production leading to improved planning, scheduling, and costing.

  • Collection of labour time (Direct labour (setup and runtime),.

  • Indirect labour collection (breaks and indirect time)

  • Actual and elapsed time

  • Multi-tasking (synchronized or unsynchronized)

  •  Automatic breaks

  • Time and attendance (Clock in/out)

  • Indirect Time Entry (Clock in/out)

  • Break Time Entry (Clock in/out)

  • Team Entry

  • Shop Floor Tracking Workbench

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