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Sage X3

Why Sage X3?

Manage your entire business with Sage X3.

From procurement to warehousing, manufacturing, sales, customer service, and financial management, Sage X3 introduces better ways to manage your entire business, on a global scale.

Why Sage X3?

By using Sage X3 to integrate essential supply chain tasks, such as demand planning, sourcing, manufacturing and order management, your business can realise a wide range of benefits.

  • Improved efficiency. Improve supply chain management efficiency enabling organisations to streamline their supply chain functions through automation, improve visibility across the supply chain and enabling stakeholders to quickly make informed decisions about how to reduce costs in manufacturing, logistics and procurement.

  • Increased customer retention. Facilitate better planning, streamlined production schedules and more accurate estimates of delivery dates helping businesses ensure that they can reliably fulfil their promises to customers.

  • Workflow automation. Automate the flow of data within and between departments, accelerating supply chain processes while greatly reducing manual effort.

  • Reduced overhead and operational costs. With better visibility into supply and demand, companies can optimise inventory — buying just enough to meet demand without overstocking resulting in considerable warehouse space and cost savings. Automated processes also reduce administrative costs and errors.

  • Fewer IT issues. Using Sage X3 or supply chain management can streamline IT as well as supply chain operations. Companies no longer need to tackle the complexities of integrating data from different software systems and navigating other disparate systems.

  • Flexible supply chain solutions. Flexibility is essential to a modern supply chain. Sage X3 enables companies to quickly detect and respond to rapid shifts in supplier capacity, shipping routes and customer demand. Sage X3 provides predictive analytics and scenario planning capabilities to help companies identify and address potential risks before they affect operations.

  • Fewer bottlenecks. Sage X3 will help to identify potential bottlenecks, inform the teams involved and allocate the resources needed to maintain production capacity and keep delivering orders to customers on time. Request your Complimentary Consultancy Call to discuss improving Supply Chain efficiencies.

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